Klein 5/16" x 75Ft Handline Rope With Snap Hook 1803-60

Klein Tools Polypropylene Hand-Line with Snap Hook is made with 5/16-Inch (8 mm) three-strand polypropylene 75-Foot (22.9 m) rope spliced to the eye of a snap hook. The hook is a forged steel snap hook with eye at 90-Degree to opening. This hand-line comes with a maximum safe load of 250-pounds (113 kg).

Made of 5/16-Inch (8 mm) three-strand polypropylene rope spliced to eye of snap hook

Line 75-feet (22.86 m) long

Forged steel snap hook with eye at 90 degree to opening

Maximum Safe Load, 250-pounds (113 kg)

Made in USA