Cable Payout and Take-Up Reel 132513

Utility Tool & Trailer designed the LD Payout Reel for both picking up wire cable in neat coils in addition to paying out. Unit expands and contracts and is designed to work in any position in-between. This unit may be used alone or in a combination to pay in/out numerous coils. The reel is simply attached to any compatible base. Loading and unloading is easily accomplished by folding up/down the spring-loaded fingers located on the outside of the reel. Our unit also comes with a rope brake made to drag in one direction to ensure ease of rewinding and which aids in evenly paying out wire or cable. LD Payout Reel can be mounted on your truck using very limited space and is made of both high-strength steel and heat-treated aluminum. 

Max Paddle ID: 21"
Min. Paddle ID: 14"
Paddle Width: 12"
Unit Width: 20"
Unit Height: 39"
Unit Weight: 46 Lbs.