Buckingham 300' Tower Vertical Lifeline Kit

This Vertical Lifeline Kit contains all the components necessary to safely allow climbers vertical access to a structure while keeping them 100% fall protected. The small diameter rope allows for more compact storage and weight reduction.
Kit includes:

7/16" x 300ft abrasion resistant static rope with stitched eyes and metal thimbles on each end (other lengths available upon request) (Model 39S2Q1-300)
Quanitity of 2 - Mobile fall arrest devices that are easy to install, move smoothly along the rope and will arrest the user in the event of a fall (Model 5004L)
Lifeline anchor strap (Model 3902-6) with ANSI rated carabiner (Model 50051)
Quantity of 6 - Redirect slings with carabiners to allow the user to position the lifeline so it conforms to the shape of the structure (Model 3905E-24)
Storage Bag marked "Vertical Lifeline" for easy identification (Model 4569PQ5-150)

Tower Vertical Lifeline Instructions