Buckingham Tower Rescue Kit 108

This versatile high angle rescue kit contains all components necessary to safely perform ground and structure based rescues as well as self rescue. This kit is easily adaptable for the different rescue situations and techniques needed while working on lattice towers or other structures.
Kit includes:

7/16” abrasion resistant static rope with stitched eyes and metal thimbles on each end (Model 39S1Q1-400)
Unique Tie Back Anchor Sling (Model 3902-4)
Man rated Pulleys (Model RP104 & RP110)
3 ANSI rated steel carabineers (Model 5005T)
2 Endless Loop Slings (Model 3905E-36)
Prusik loop with an aluminum ring (Model 705A1-35)
Versatile rope Descender for self rescue or assisted rescue that incorporates an anti-panic feature and can also be used to belay, set up as a reversible haul system, and do short ascents (Model 50043S)
Storage bag marked “RESCUE ONLY” for easy identification (Model 4569Q6-200)