Rung-Rack Extension Ladder Tool Organizer RRK1

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The Rung-Rack is designed to easily slide into any rung of
an extension ladder and will work from both sides to accommodate both right and
left handers. This tool can be installed before extending the ladder. More than
1 Rung-Rack can be used at a time as well.
Once the tool is fully inserted you can clip the carabiner(included) back into the closest handle hole to the ladders edge which will prevent the
tool from inadvertently slipping out during use.
The Rung-Rack gives you a new safer option for hanging all
our battery tools, voltmeters, wire sagging gear and materials. We all know how
cumbersome it can be just to make up a residential weather head off a ladder.
By utilizing the Rung-Rack you will free up your hands and will no longer have
to try to balance tools on roof tops or ladder steps. Keeping our tools closer
to us prevents overreaching, loss of balance and dropped tools while allowing
us to maintain proper body positioning throughout the task at hand.
The Rung-Rack will be a must have for everyone who works
with extension ladders across all industries. Each tool is milled out of
Extremely durable lightweight plastic with a labeled weight rating of