Louisville Type-IA 300-lb Fiberglass Step Ladder - 8 Foot

This Louisville 8 foot non-conductive fiberglass step ladder has a load capacity of 300lbs, rated ANSI Type IA. This ladder is equipped with the new and innovative Raptor Top with magnet and multiple tool slots, SHOX impact absorption system, new Raptor boots with non-marring bonded tread mechanically fastened to the upper boot to create a secure slip-resistant footing, inside spreader braces, wide back braces, and double-rivet step construction. The Louisville FS1508 step ladder meets or exceeds the safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA.

Shox Impact Absorption System
Multifunctional Raptor Top With Multiple Tool Slots And Magnet
Raptor Boot With Slip-resistant Non-Marring Bonded Tread
Inside Spreader Braces
Double-Rivet Step Construction
Wide Back Braces


SKU: FS1508
Style: Standard
Duty Rating: Type IA
Load Capacity (lbs): 300
Size: 8
Number of Steps: 7
Rung Type: Standard Step
Step Depth (in): 3"
Material: Fiberglass
Weight: 28
Maximum Standing Height (in): 68"
Maximum Reach (in): 147"
Open Volume (cu. ft.): 6.36
Open Volume (cu. m.): 1.99
Open Height (in): 91.475"
Open Depth (in): 52.363"
Open Width (in): 25.375"
Closed Volume (cu. ft.): 8.358
Closed Height (in): 97.7"
Closed Depth (in): 6"
Closed Width (in): 25.4"
Top Width Closed (in): 13.229"
ANSI Certified
OSHA Certified