Phase Trakker Jr. Phase Identification System AP30JR

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A lightweight, compact version of the original AP30 Phase Trakker, the Phase Trakker JR is the perfect Phase ID tool for basic applications: OH, URD, Substations and Transformers from 120V to 500kV, in both direct and non-contact functionality. Compatible with all AP30 Reference units, the Phase Trakker JR displays Phase and Phase Angle. A cinch to operate, its affordable price allows utilities to put one in every truck. Includes rugged carry case and portable pack, with both 120V AC and 12V auto chargers.

Get phase and phase angle on entire systems
Works on overhead or underground 120v to 500 kV
Balance loads to minimize line loss
Ensure new substation connections are phase correct
Eliminate visual tracing


Acquires phase measurements without direct contact
Compares phase reading with reference unit to determine phase and phase angle
Simple A-phase calibration
Works on overhead conductor, UG elbows or test points, bus bar or any low-voltage connection
Records can be stored on demand for areas outside cellular range