Slingco Reel Lifter - 12000 lbs ZLD10807

Makes handling large cable reels quick and easy, on-site or in warehouses. The Slingco Reel Lifter is a high capacity, compact unit that allows users in the utility construction industry to safely load, transport, and dispense wire and/or cable on-site. It is also used in many industrial applications to make moving and relocating reels in a warehouse easy. Now a task that normally used a team of three or four people can be done with just one, allowing the crew to operate more efficiently! 

Rugged construction to lift and upend reels
Easy rotation to unroll cable
Counterweighted bottom arm for easy insertion in reel
Side lifting eye allows reels to be put into a rolling or non-rolling position
Arbor Hole Min. (ins): 3.25
Arbor Hole Max. (ins): 6
Capacity (lb): 12,000
Weight (lb): 32.33
Length (ins): 30.53
Slingco Part #: ZLD10807

Reel-Thing Cable Reel Lifting Device - 12,000 lbs RT60