Andax Big Containment Pac 110 gal BCP-110

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Stow it behind a truck seat or in a crowded cargo area. The Andax Big Containment Pac™ (BCP) is 110 gallons of spill containment in a 15" x 18" x 5" package. But how can so much containment fit in such a small package? The BCP contains an Inflatable Containment Tank™ – a self-inflating containment pool that can hold up to 100 gallons. Additionally, the Pac contains Sorb Sox to absorb up to 10 gallons, gloves and a disposal bag to help keep your crew safe when cleaning up spills. 

Contains up to 110 gallons
Compact size
Containment (ICT)
Self-supporting side walls

Sealed Pac: 15" H x 18" W x 5" D

ICT (inflated) 60" diameter x 10" high

ICT in carrying case 14" x 16" x 5"


(1) Inflatable Containment Tank™ (ICT)
(1) CO2 cartridge
(1) Carrying case
(3) 3" x 48" Oil-Selective Sorb Sox (12 ft)
(20) 15" x 19" Oil-Selective Pads (covers up to 40 sq. ft)
(1) pair Nitrile Gloves
(1) XL Disposal Bag (38" x 56" x 5 mil.) with Nylon Tie