Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Lineman's Fiberglass Drill Bits

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Our SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty™ Lineman's Fiberglass Drill Bits are engineered to deliver cleaner, straight through holes in composite and fiberglass utility poles and crossarms. Our carbide tip design reduces friction, allowing you to make faster, cleaner cuts while maintaining best life. Our fiberglass drill bits are available in 12"and 22" lengths, which can pass through power utility poles and arms in a single pass. These bits maximize productivity by eliminating the need to flip over the pole, line up holes, and drill through the other side. The heated treated carbon 7/16"" hex shank increases strength and durability when drilling through fiberglass and composite power utility poles. Pair these bits with the MILWAUKEE® Hex Utility High Torque Impact Wrench (2865-20) for ultimate performance.

Optimized Flute Geometry for cleaner material ejection.
Carbide tipped cutting edges reduce friction for increased speed of cut.
7/16" hex shank for quick connection. Optimized for the M18 Fuel 7/16 Hex Utility High Torque Impact Wrench.
Available in 12" and 22" lengths
Designed for drilling into fiberglass and composite utility poles and arms. Not Recommended for concrete poles.
Laser etched for easy identification