Salisbury Air Gap Pole Guards 12” Dia. SAL412

Pole Guards are installed before setting new poles to guard against accidental line contact. They also guard against pole contacts by personnel working in insulating aerial buckets or on platforms.
Pole Guards are made from orange, Type I ABS, cold weather, high impact thermoplastic. Salisbury Pole Guards feature the unique Air Gap® design. Uniformly spaced dimples minimize the amount of surface area contacting the pole. This provides added insulation to keep electrical leakage to a minimum. When two pole guards are used to cover longer lengths, the Air Gap® dimples nest together “locking” the two together with ample overlap. This is an exclusive feature to Salisbury Pole Guards.
The Air Gap® design also allows for air flow between it and the pole minimizing moisture condensation and contamination buildup.
All Salisbury Pole Guards include drilled rope handles for easy application. Pole Guards should be used for brush contact. The opening should face away from possible line contacts, whenever possible. Pole Guards should be stored indoors to avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays and can be cleaned with a warm detergent solution.