Hubbell Chance 1 Ton Ratchet Link Chain Hoist 3011S

Every CHANCE Hoist is proof-tested and factory-operated at 150% of capacity rating. Lightweight high-strength handle and sheave housings are heat-treated aluminum. All working parts are fully enclosed in the housing unit to protect the hoist mechanism and to cover the gearing for worker safety. Chain is high-strength alloy steel, polished for smooth action and low wear. Load hooks are forged steel with spring-loaded latches. Both top and bottom hooks swivel 360˚ to allow for unwinding action of rope or stranded cable under tension. For easy hook-up, chain release to freewheel but only under no-load conditions. Controls automatically lock when hoist is pulling a load. Two simple levers . . . Shift Key for up and down, on top housing, and Release Key in handle recess . . . are easy to switch, even wearing gloves. Simply by ratcheting one or two clicks per stroke in up or down mode, operator can choose quick speed of a full link or half-link rate for extra accuracy. For cramped-quarters work, ratchet handle swings to either side. This provides option of push or pull stroke to best suit conditions and preferences. Each unit comes with an illustrated Operating Manual, includes complete parts list. Lifetime oil-impregnated bronze sleeve bearings require no additional lubrication. Normal low maintenance calls for only routine inspection. Pliers and screwdriver are the only tools needed. For infrequent repairs, kit C3090349 contains minor service parts common to all ratings.

Rating: 2,000 lbs
Weight: 14 lbs