FR Face Mask "Ninja Style" 3051FRLG (3-Pack)

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With the worlds supply of N95 masks being used by healthcare workers, and the requirements to wear a face mask in environments where Arc Flash and Flash Fire are threats, Benchmark decided to make a ground-up solution for a FR face mask. The “Ninja style” mask is made from material that is safe to wear against your skin, stretches and is comfortable to wear all day. The mask is sewn with 100% inherent FR materials at the in-house production facility in Santa Ana, California. The lightweight material and compact design make this mask the best option for people who must wear a flame-resistant face mask all day.
Benchmark uses a single layer of soft knit material with a contour face forming fit. The FR mask is easy to take on and off because they use ear loops instead of ties which must be tied behind the head. The ear loop design will also allow the mask to be worn easier with hard hats and welding helmets. 3 mask per pack.

Arc Rating (EBT) = 6.4 cal/cm2
CAT 1 (HRC 1)
NFPA 70E Compliant
Meets requirements of ASTM F1506
5.2 oz Inherent Blend
100% FR materials & thread
Made in USA
Not a substitute for N95* Filter
Safe to wear against your skin
Lightweight & Compact
Less restrictive breathing
Stretches for comfort
Quickly secured with ear loops
External Stitching, won't rub nose
Non-flammable code & brand stamp
Lifetime Warranty
Washable & Reusable - Home Wash is recommended
5.2 oz Inherent Material
Modacrylic, Cotton, Nylon Blend
Odorless material
No Ties, Loops Around Ear