Buckingham No-Go Inspection Gauge 6308

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Inspection gauge for BuckGrab, WebGrab, and Ox Block.
Making sure you correctly inspect the cam eye on your BuckGrab and WebGrab on your SuperSqueeze, EZSqueeze, BuckAdjuster, SuperStrap or Ox Block™ is essential to your safety. This gauge allows you to inspect your BuckGrab, WebGrab, and Ox Block all with a device the size of a business card.

“No-go” windows are designed to help users easily and accurately inspect your SuperSqueeze, EZSqueeze or Ox Block™ all with one gauge.
A hole in the back of the gauge allows the user to attach the Cam Eye Gauge to a key chain for easy access.
This product replaces the old Cam Eye Gauge (PN 6307)

Combo Inspection Gauge Instructions