Ross Meter® ACVGD® Fault Locator ACVGD

Find underground electrical faults with this simple to use fault locator.  The Ross Meter ACVGD® was designed by Herman B Ross, a 30 year veteran of Dominion Power and electrical engineer. Operators are not required to isolate the source or load because the ACVGD® Ross Meter® makes use of the existing 60 hz A.C. voltage that is still energizing the faulted cable. The Ross Meter® is passive and is never connected to the load or the cable in question. Use of the ACVGD® Ross Meter® effectively results in a 90% reduction in set-up and operation time. The operator merely walks out to where the cable is buried and begins to probe along the path of the cable. The Ross Meter® does not require the operator to place a signal onto the faulted cable.

Device Type: Voltage Gradient Detector

Power Source: Two 9 Volt Batteries (included)

Voltage Input 60 Hz AC Voltages up to 300 Volts RMS

Device Casing Dimensions 6.25”x3.75”x2.00”

Casing Material Thermoplastic ABS – Mar and Scratch Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Heat Resistant to
475 degrees

Utility Carrying Case Bright Orange Co-Polymer Injection Molded Construction, Water Resistant Foam
Rubber Gasket

Probe Construction Fiberglass - Industrial purpose isophthalic polyester resin (high strength, better flexibility and chemical resistance)

Probe Tips Stainless Steel T304 ¼” diameter (standard specification ASTM A276, QQS-763, T304/304L)

Simple Setup takes less than 30 seconds

Quickly locates faults

Used in the field for over 30 years