Stanley ID07 Hydraulic Impact Drill ID07810

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The ID07 is a high torque impact wrench used for tightening and loosening nuts and driving lag bolts. Delivers impact torque of up to 500 ft. lbs. / 675 Nm. Available with friction ring or pin type socket retainer.

Chuck: 7/16" Quick Change 
Toruqe: 500 ft/lbs (675 nm)
Input Pressure: 750-2000 psi
Weight: 7.2 lbs
Maximum Flow: 4-12 gpm
Large trigger, No Trigger Guard
Reverse-flow check valve prevents operation if the tool is plumbed backwards
Built in selector for Open Center or Closed Center systems
Feathering ON/OFF
7/16 quick change chuck or 1/2 inch square drive
The ID07 can drive wood augers into the hardest salt cured or creosote-treated poles. Delivering impact torque of up to 500 ft.   lbs. 
The ID07 has the work-site proven swing-hammer mechanism   that will deliver high performance and long-term service. 
The integral Stanley Hyrevz™ gear motor is manufactured to exacting standards to deliver maximum efficiency 
The built-in reverse-check valve prevents operating the wrench when reverse- plumbed to the hydraulic system. Preventing   reverse operation ensures a long operating life for the hydraulic seals. 
Setting the tool for open- or closed-center operation is as simple as opening or closing a valve.