MCR FR Arc-Rated Mustang Long Cuff Utility Driver Glove MU3624GFR

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 The MCR FR Mustang Long Cuff Utility Driver Glove is made from top grain leather.  The premium brown goatskin leather is soft and comfortable during warm weather conditions.  These gloves feature Nomex®  on the back of the hand, providing unmatched breathability.  This feature allows you to work comfortably, regardless of the weather. The gloves also feature strategically positioned second layers of goatskin which help provide extra protection throughout the life of the gloves. The palm, fingertips, thumb crotch, index finger and knuckle have all been reinforced without sacrificing the fine-point dexterity of the gloves. The supple, premium leather allows you the ability to feel what you are working with, making you much more efficient. The gloves are sewn with DuPontTM Kevlar® thread which ensures durability against seam blowouts, giving the gloves a longer wear life. This FR glove has an arc rating of
24.7 Cal/cm2.

Premium Brown Goatskin Leather
Nomex® back of the hand

Reinforced with a second layer of leather in high wear areas
DuPontTM Kevlar® thread
Overall Length: 12”