BuckOhm™ 6Ft BuckYard with Loop and Dielectric Snap 84+G1E16S1

Having a top of the line, arc-rated harness is important, but that is only one aspect of an effective fall protection system.  Buckingham’s BuckOhmTM BuckYard with dielectric snaps is the perfect energy absorbing lanyard for your arc rated harness. The dielectric hardware on this lanyard was designed for energized environments and will not transfer static electricity, even in wet conditions.  The hardware, because of it’s dielectric properties, has a natural resistance to corrosion and will not rust in even the most demanding salty environments. 

Dielectric Locking Snap and Webbed Loop Combo

Corrosion Resistance

Great For Energized Areas (Substations and Powerlines)

Color: Black

Length: 6 Ft