HDE Dual Voltage Phaser – DDVIP-138K03

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The Dual Display® Voltage Indicating Phaser, model DDVIP-138, is a completely wireless dual display voltage indicator and phasing tool for voltages from 100v to 138kV line-to-line.  It includes a pair of lightweight, single stick line-to-ground voltage indicators that communicate with each other wirelessly.  The DDVIP-138 can also be used independently as Digital Voltage Indicators. Its multiple functions include:

Expanded phasing capabilities
Two large, digital LED displays are easily read from a distance or in bright sunlight
Clear indication of in-phase or out-of-phase
Capacitive Test Point mode
Peak Hold mode
Includes URD probes for 15/25 & 35kV bushings

The DDVIP-138 measures voltage up to 138kV line-to-line. It can be used individually as voltage indicators or together for phasing operations up to 100 ft. (30m) apart.

Completely Wireless Communication - Big, bright LED displays communicate wirelessly to make voltage measurements and phasing easy and efficient, especially over long distances. The synchronized dots at the bottom of the screens clearly indicate when the tools are communicating with each other. 

For longer distance phasing up to 100 feet, the DDVIP is an ideal solution.

Kit includes: (2) DDVIP-138 Indicators, (2) 025-OLPS overhead probes, (2) ASP-15/25kV probes, (2) ASP-35U Probe for 35kV, PT-DDVIP proof tester, and case.