Buckingham SuperSqueeze Fall Protection Lineman's Package

Climb in comfort with Buckingham’s best climbing gear. Enjoy the security of the SuperSqueeze fall protection system with comfort and convenience of the stacked D lineman’s belt. The outfit is complete with a first-choice selection of accessories.

(1) 2100M Stacked D Lineman’s Belt
(1) 488R SuperSqueeze Wood Pole Fall Protection System
(1) 9-7 Flip line with Ascender
(1) 42266BL Tool Holster with 5-Pockets
(1) 4570B2 Black Canvas Bolt Bag
(1) TBG94K1V-BL Titanium Black Climbers with Hook and Loop Pads
(1) 47333B3R5S Buckingham Black Vinyl Gear Bag

Made in USA