Milwaukee M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 12 Ton Crimper (Tool Only) 2778-20

Tool Only (No Batteries)
Milwaukee’s M18 FORCE LOGICTM 12 Ton Utility Crimper is the most advanced 12 ton crimper on the market.  If you’ve ever been mid-crimp, and had your battery give out, you know what a nightmare that can be, ESPECIALLY if you’re working something hot!  This will no longer be an issue with Milwaukee’s 12 ton crimper because it has a built in, pre-crimp battery check that will only start a crimp if it has enough battery to finish a crimp.  It also comes standard with an auto-complete feature that ensures once a crimp is engaged, it is finished completely.  Milwaukee’s Predictive Force Monitoring PFMTM will provide verification after each successful crimp with a green light, and the speed of the crimp won’t slow down on larger connectors.  No more worrying about whether you’re getting a full crimp each time.
Milwaukee’s changed the game with it’s 12 ton crimper by offering a 350 degree rotating head.  It’s the best balanced “Pistol Grip” tool on the market, and the red alignment indicators on the tool let you know if you are straight on, saving you the hassle of re-positioning a misaligned crimper. 
This crimper has it all with a POWERSTATETM Brushless Motor and RED LITHIUMTM power that Milwaukee customers have come to expect.  With ONE-KEYTM Technology, you and your crew can bring your crimping game to the 21st Century with real-time crimping data that will allow you to sync to the cloud to generate reports showing tool performance.  ONE-KEYTM Technology also allows you to track tools and pinpoint missing tools, so you can protect your investment.

M18 System
Force-12 tons
Adaptive Pressure Controlled System
Full Pressure Indicator
Works on Energized Conductor