Buckingham Heavy Duty Gated Handline Carrier Hook

Ideal for transmission linemen working with OX Block handlines, the 2402GH is designed to carry an additional 10 lbs. of load before releasing.  This allow this carrier open with approximately 33 lbs. of load. This gated handline carrier is a belt attachment designed to hold a handline while climbing.


Ideal for those working in transmission and carrying up hundreds of feet of rope versus distribution where you might not have as much rope.
The belt clips reduced size keeps securely in place even when leaning out for work.
The handline gate prevents tools and handlines from inadvertently coming off while climbing or working.
Rigid material is designed to breakaway when approximately 33lbs. of pressure is applied.
Strength increases by 10lbs when the gate is locked, making ideal when using the Ox Block and accessories.
The belt clip hole easily secures the handline carrier to a body belt with a bolt or zip tie (zip tie included).