Buckingham Tower Rescue Kit With Ox Block 108Q8

A versatile high angle rescue kit now featuring the popular Ox Block® and all necessary components to safely perform ground and structure-based rescues as well as self-rescue. Easily adaptable for different rescue situations and techniques needed, while working on lattice towers or other structures.

Model 39S1Q2- 500 – 500′ of 7/16" abrasion-resistant static rope with stitched eyes and metal thimbles on each end
Model 3902S-4 – Unique Tie Back Anchor Sling
Model 39078TAG1-4- Adjustable Rope Sling for Ox Block (4').
Model 5007B1 – The BuckBully™
Model 5005T – ANSI Rated Steel Carabiners (Qty 1)
Model 3905E-36 & 3905E-24 – Endless Loop Slings.
Model P9J8V-+ M-34 – Prusik Loop with an Aluminum Ring (Qty 2)
Model 50061- The Ox Block® is a rope snatch block with an integrated friction bar used for: Hurtman/self-rescue, Lowering, Raising, Snubbing loads.
Model 4569pq6-200 – Storage Bag marked "Rescue Only" for easy identification
Model RP110 Aluminum Micro Pulley.