Bashlin EZ Lite Lineman’s Belt 1515PX4D

Comfort and security on the pole is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Whether you have been climbing your entire career, or are just getting into the trade, you need a belt that is constructed of high quality material and will offer the proper support during the most strenuous working situations.  The Bashlin EZ Lite is great for brand new apprentices or seasoned journeymen linemen alike.  The saddle style seat design offers top notch comfort and helps relieve stress on the legs, hips, and lower back. Constructed in the USA from high quality leather and nylon, the Bashlin EZ Lite is lightweight and easy to work in. The lower D-rings help facilitate your fall protection attachments and the upper D-rings are convenient when climbing over obstructions with an auxiliary lanyard.

4-dee ring design
30% Lighter than the standard EZ-Rider
Durable but Lightweight Nylon Cushion
Durable Leather Outer Construction
Relieves Stress on Lower Back and Legs