GMP Ball Bearing Swivel 10,000 LBS WLL

Underground WLL: 10,000 lbs
Aerial WLL: 6,000 lbs
Eye Width: 11/16"
Dimensions: 5.96" Long, 1.62" Diameter, .617" Pin

These tough swivels are designed to handle higher thrust loads for extra cable safety and faster straight pulls.

Precision-machined body is made of high quality stainless steel with higher working load ratings than comparably sized swivels available on the market

These heavy-duty swivels are built with a thrust bearing for tensile load and a radial bearing for bending load

Working Load Limit for under ground applications is based on a horizonal pull of 3:1 while aerial applications have a WLL of 5:1

CAUTION: To be used for underground cable installation only. These swivels are Not Designed for Directional Drilling applications. They are designed for pulling cable or rope. Do not allow these swivels to be pulled around a bullwheel or capstan. Damage to the swivel and/or wheel may occur.