RoboReel™ Payout Reel

RoboReel™ 34Maxx- designed for linemen to provide an easy and safe means to unwind and rewind cumbersome wire and cable. Extremely rugged, all-weather heavy-duty reel.  Made of steel and coated with black industrial PPG Durethane® to ensure long life, RoboReel™ 34Maxx has adjustable arms that allow for a quick, easy and secure means to load, unwind and rewind various coil sizes and diameters. Coils can be simply clamped into place with the adjustable arms.

Works with Triplex or ACSR type wire

Easy to load, adjust arms out to tighten against inside of the coil

Adjustment crank included

Brake locks arms in place

Removable outside hooks adjust to different coil widths

For use with coils up to 34" wide

Inside diameter 13" to 20" and widths up to 13"

Mounting base 30" x 23 3/4"

Black E-coated with zinc plated gear & sprocket assembly

weight 110 lbs.

Made in the USA by Aircraft Dynamics!

Cat. No. 5004