Lift All Round Slings – Tuflex EE30

Light weight and very strong, round slings are both durable and easy to handle. Constructed of synthetic yarns in a continuous loop, these round slings are covered by a double wall tubular jacket for superior abrasion resistance.
Round slings with this eye to eye configuration have an additional abrasion resistant nylon that covers the body of the sling.
Color coded for easy identification, the EE30 in purple is rated at 2,600 lbs. vertical, 2,100 lbs. choker, 5,200 lbs. 90° basket, and 3,600 lbs. 45° basket. Choose your length in feet, the eye length is 10” and this sling accepts hardware as small as 7/16”.

Low stretch (about 3% at rated capacity)
UV protected
Synthetic material won’t cut hands
Color coded Purple for easy identification
Made in USA