Buckingham OX BLOCK™ Handline with OX HOOK™ 50062K14-4

Raise and lower tools and equipment with this handline rigging system from Buckingham. Designed for use by utility line workers, this handline set feature the OX-BLOCK™ rigging block with a 4’ adjustable rope sling, snap hook, locking snap, and OX HOOK™ lifting hook on 80’ or 100’ of ½” 12-strand poly Dacron rope.

The adjustable rope sling can be quickly secured by looping in basket or choker configurations. The OX BLOCK™ features the friction loop for easily controlling loads and clevis top to more versatility and easy hardware change-outs.

The OX HOOK™ has double attachment points that allow it to function like a typical handline hook with the addition of a locking gate. OX HOOK™ has a WLL of 2500 lbs. with the gate closed and 1000 lbs. with the gate locked open.

39078TAG1-4 – 4’ Adjustable rope sling is constructed of 5/8” poly Dacron rope with a chafing sleeve in eye to reduce wear. Working load limits: straight 3200 lbf, choker 2560 lbf, basket 6400 lbf