The Ground Pounder™ Ground Rod DriverGP1258

Tired of dragging out the hydraulic hoses to drive a ground rod? The Ground Pounder was designed by a lineman who knows about driving ground rods. Quickly and safely drive standard 5/8” and 1/2” ground rods with both feet on the ground.

The Ground Pounder™ handle slides over the ground rod to safely contain the rod while the weighted end drives the rod down. The length of the handle allows for a full striking stroke while the weight does all the work.

One the handle is flush with the ground, turn the Ground Pounder™ over and use the flat end to finish the drive. Weight: 18 lbs.

For use on 5/8” and ½”  Ground Rods
Safe and easy to use
No more dragging hydraulic lines


This tool is specifically designed to install ground rods only.
Always wear safety gear, including glasses, ear plugs or sound deafening headphones, and tight fitting gloves.
Do not use this tool around live electrical equipment or energized lines.
Before installing any ground rods, locate all underground utilities and Miss Utility or 811
This tool is NOT a sledge hammer.

Ground Pounder Instructions Link