DragonWear FR Flak Jacket CAT 3 DFFJ

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The Dragonwear Flak Jacket has become one of the most popular choices of linemen. A fabric upgrade helped dial-in the performance.  Dragonwear’s high-tech tri-blend fabric features Twaron™ Para Aramid fibers with an IronShield™ overlay for better wear performance. This upgraded fabric takes the Flak Jacket to the next level in technical performance. CAT 3 at 28 cal./cm2, compliant with NFPA 70E.

This jacket performs well as a mid or outer layer.  The high-tech tri-blend fabric is breathable allowing moisture to pass through for active outdoor warmth.  The outer surface is both wind and water resistant. 

Designed for reaching and working overhead, this jacket features extra sleeve length and a drop-tail rear hem to keep you covered. The three panel hood fits under most hard hats and the built-in balaclava adds additional protection in harsh winter weather. Color: Steel Gray or Navy

Inherently flame-resistant 
Built-in fleece balaclava 
Full-zip 3-panel hoodie fits well under hardhats
Drop-tail rear and extra-long sleeves
Made in the USA 
Cat 3, ATPV 28 (cal./cm²)