Jelco 554 Series 4 D-Ring Hybrid Belt 554 CLOSEOUT

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The 554 Series Lineman’s Belt was designed as a hybrid of a lineman’s belt and an arborist saddle. We have taken our 122 years of experience in leather making to design a lineman’s belt that provides the ultimate in comfort, while providing the security needed to work safe. We kept the 4 D-Ring design so you have the ultimate ease of use while using your wood pole fall restricting device, yet made enhancements for the ultimate in comfort.

The belt is built so that the waist belt portion fits down on your hips. This contour design allows you to wear it lower and comfortably, yet still be safe. The lower set of D-Rings are designed on a floating belt, so you can still enjoy the freedom of movement necessary while working out of your wood pole fall restricting device. The Jelco 554 Style belt is the only 4 D-Ring saddle style lineman’s belt on the market that allows all of your D-Rings to be floating.

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