Saflok™ Free-Climbing Remote Anchoring System

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Product Highlights

Free climb wood and steel structures while maintaining 100% fall protection
Installs anchor and lifeline to top of steel structure from the ground
Allows user to easily work around obstructions
Compatible with most hot stick poles (not provided)
Anchor tube with installation/removal tool
Dielectric 80 ft. (24.4m) 5/8" (16mm) lifeline
Mobile rope grab with EZ-Stop™ shock absorbing lanyard
Weather proof carrying bag
Capacity: 310 lbs (141 kg)

The Saflok™ Steel Structure Fall Arrest System provides workers 100% fall protection when connecting to an I-beam, angle iron, bar joist, lattice steel or other suitable structures in traditional power plants, substations, switchyards, manufacturing facilities or construction sites. Everything you need is included in a convenient durable weather proof bag that can be transported from site to site. It allows the user to install temporary anchor points without ever leaving the ground. It provides a faster climbing method compared to traditional "leap-frog" lanyard scenarios. Extensive field testing by linemen, facility and construction workers has successfully proven both the ease of use and fall protection capabilities of the Saflok™ Steel Structure Fall Arrest System.