Klondike Blanket Clamp 7" - 11"

Securing a rubber insulating blanket around a pole is time consuming. The use of rope or bungee cord is tedious with questionable results. The use of tapes are never recommended for the adhesive degrades the insulative properties of the blanket causing early failure.
The Klondike Clamp quickly and safely secures blankets in position on pole diameters ranging from 6" through 11" without damaging the blanket. Molded from a tough weather resistant polymer with all stainless steel hardware the Klondike clamp will provide long maintenance free field life.
Due to the large jaw opening the Klondike clamp can also be used in a myriad of pad-mounted equipment situations where it is difficult to secure the blanket in position when draping over energized components.

Jaw opening - 11" maximum
Pole diameter operating range: 6" minimum 11" maximum
Product weight: 8 oz.
>li>Product dimension: 16" length x 7" width x 1/2" thickness