Blanket Clamp With Hot Line Tool Rings

The USBA-002 blanket clamp serves as the basic lineman clamp to secure rubber blankets and line hose in the vast majority of in field situations where it is inconvenient or dangerous to install by hand. Light weight but rugged this clamp comes equipped with rubber nose caps to prevent accidental damage to blankets and or line hose. Designed for remote operation using a shotgun stick to open/install and open/remove. Simply grab one of the handle pull rings with a shotgun stick. Pull into the nose of the stick and the clamp automatically opens for installation and or removal of the clamp. Same size as the USBA-001 clamp. Replacement for the Salisbury HS21 blanket clamp.

Product dimension: 10" length x 5" width x 3/4" thickness

Product weight: 5 oz.