Hastings 40FT Tel-O-Pole Fiberglass Hot Stick ST-240

Hastings fiberglass telescopic hot stick with tip lock feature. All sections are of reinforced high density electrical grade fiber glass laminate with unusual color stability, greater strength and high dielectric properties. Tubular sections are engineered to allow for air circulation; condensate and moisture is not trapped when the stick is retracted. Universal head is adaptable to standard fit on accessories. Disconnect hook is standard equipment. Tip completely retracts and locks into next larger section giving double wall strength and rigidity for heavy lifting operations. Stick may be locked in lengths listed by means of one pin locking two or more sections.

Top section on all Tel-O-Pole Hot Sticks are insulated with fire retardant polyurethane foam core.

100% tested per OSHA and ASTM F-711.

Usable Lengths: 22', 26', 30', 35', 40'

Retracted Length: 65-3/8"

Base Diameter: 2-7/8"

Weight: 13.9 lbs

Made in USA