Proximity Voltage Detector 69KV PRX69DK03

The PRX-69D Proximity Voltage Detector is a non-contact detector with seven standard voltage ranges from 120V to 69kV. When voltage is detected, the PRX-69D gives an audible and visual indication with a typical detection distance of 10 inches. The PRX has the ability to detect voltage on most elbow test points at the 120V setting. With a rechargeable internal battery, the PRX can be charged quickly from 12VDC automotive outlets or from 115-240VAC.
The rechargeable battery sealed inside the PRX-69D is a lithium-ion type, the same battery typically used in smart phones and other portable electronics. It is however, substantially larger in capacity resulting in much longer life for the PRX. Internal circuitry prevents overcharging and protects the battery from excessive temperatures. The battery is sealed inside the device, providing maximum protection. Other key features of the PRX battery system are:

If the battery is low, a quick 15 minute charge provides over one full day of use
PRX battery life on a full charge is one week of continuous use
A full charge takes only three hours

Proximity Voltage Detector Features

Seven standard voltage ranges from 120V up to 69kV
Detects voltage on most elbow test points
Detects voltages 10" (25 cm) or greater from the source
Rechargeable battery with quick recharge - 15 minutes for a full day of use
Heartbeat signal assures that the PRX is ready to detect voltage
Rugged, durable housing
Dual hotstick connections - universal spline and shotgun stick
Loud beeper and LED lights indicate voltage
Weighs less than 1 pound (0.45 kg)
Easy to use electronic touch pad with large buttons
Can be used on 50Hz and 60Hz systems
Kit includes charge cords and protective bag