Little Mule Grips - LMG4500 .18"-.60"

Wider range means fewer grips needed. The LMG4500 wire pulling grip has a parallel jaw design that easily opens to insert or remove wires.  The fine tooth jaw is safe to use on ACSR with minimal damage to the cable. The spring loaded jaws allow for one-hand operation, the large eye in handle fits standard hooks for tackle blocks and hoists. Forged steel is durable and light weight, the yellow chromate finish prevents rust or corrosion. The LMG4500 accepts cable with diameters of .18” to .60” or #6 to 4/0 ACSR. Capacity: 5000 lbs., weight 3.25 lbs.

Wide Range #6 to 4/0 ACSR
Spring loaded
5,000 lbs. Capacity
Forged steel