Burndy Low Pressure Hydraulic Impact Wrench HIW716MAG

The new BURNDY MAG Series impact wrench is specifically designed for greater reliability and enhanced ergonomics. The new aircraft grade aluminum body is CNC machined for tighter tolerances and flow optimization. An injection molded replaceable grip protects from heat build-up. Feature include: over 550 ft-lbs of torque, 7/16” tri-ball chuck, dual spool selector for open and closed center use. 

Aircraft grade extruded Aluminum body and forged handle for added strength
CNC machining produces tighter tolerances contributing to increased efficiency, repeatability and flow optimization
Machined steel sleeve and hardened spool increase wrench efficiency by preventing hydraulic fluid “blow by”.
Frictionless gerotor motor design offers exceptional life and greater efficiency
Specialized urethane shaft seals for extended life
BURNDY® 5-year limited warranty
Injection molded replaceable grips providing “Non-slip” contoured comfort design and Isolation from system heat build-up
Balanced weight in assembled configuration
Glove-sized handle and ergonomically designed activation trigger for better grip
Reduced “handle-to-trigger” distance for ease of activation and feathering
Over 550 ft-lbs of torque
7/16” tri-ball quick chuck for ease of use and strong retention of fasteners/bits
“On-the-go” FORWARD and REVERSE selector
Reverse flow protection to prevent reverse hook-ups
Dual spool selector for Open and Closed Center use
Pressure relief valve to prevent over-pressuring of the tool
Cartridge style valves eliminate “wear” to internal body of wrench reducing material repair cost and labor.
Easily replaceable shaft seal design

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