Digital Voltage Indicator 0-99KVA DVI100TK02

The DVI-100 Series Digital Voltage Indicators are single point instruments designed to read the voltage on a conductor up to 99kV line-to-ground. The large LED readout is easy to read on the end of a long hotstick and can be used on overhead lines or in underground applications with an underground bushing probe.
The DVI-100 indicates voltage from 0.1kV to 99kV on overhead and underground systems - displaying the voltage on a large 2-digit LED display. The DVI-100T with Test Point Mode has the added feature of indicating voltage on elbow test points.
The DVI displays the voltage and emits an audible alarm when voltage above 100VAC is detected with no range selector switches or settings to be made - just contact the conductor and read the display. This allows the user to determine if the voltage being read is nominal or a lower induced voltage.
Kit includes (1) DVI-100T indicator; (1) Overhead hook probe; (1) Underground bushing probe for 15,25,& 35KV; (1) Proof tester; (1) Rugged plastic caring case.

For use on system voltages up to 161kV
Large LED display indicates the line-to-ground voltage level
Display is easy to read in bright or dark conditions
Voltage readout allows user to distinguish between nominal and induced voltage levels
Audible indication when voltage is detected
Built-in universal spline for standard hotstick attachment
Auto shut-off with low battery function