DICA® Outrigger Pad 18" x 18" x 1" D1818

This DICA® outrigger pad is 18” square and 1” think. This is a perfect small outrigger pad that’s easy store and deploy. DICA® outrigger pads are guaranteed unbreakable. Made from a proprietary thermoplastic material, they continue to perform in all types for weather. The non-absorbent material is easy to clean, just hose them off and stow them for the next job. DICA® outrigger pads are non-conductive with non-skid surface. Waterproof and chemical resistant, DICA pads feature radius edges and corners. The ergonomic TuffGrip® handles will last the life of the pad. If you break it, DICA will replace it. These hi vis orange handles are waterproof and resistant to UV, hydraulic fluid and road chemicals. For safety, TuffGrip® handles hold their shape. This reduced the risk of tripping and helps prevent pinched or crushed hands. Weight: 11 lbs. Crush rating: 200 psi, working load limit: 45,000 lbs., maximum rated capacity: 100,000 lbs.

18” x 18” x 1”
Guaranteed Unbreakable
Waterproof chemical resistant
Radius edges and corners
Made in USA