Insulator Bushing Sac™ 12" x 72" Containment Bag BSH1206-HD-WCL

The Insulator Bushing Sac™ is used to completely encapsulate leaking insulator bushings. Whether replacing a failed bushing or performing normal maintenance, the Sac is engineered for 100% containment.
The Bushing Sac™ offers a unique “open-up, drop-it-in" installation. This simple procedure, combined with our highly absorbent oil-selective liner, makes the Bushing Sac™ ideal for containing those leaking oils and tars. It features thermally-bonded seams and it's 100% reusable and customizable. 

Completely encase leaking insulator bushings
Easy to use
Includes bushing cushion and absorbent liner
Prevent possible PCB spills and provide containment
Tough, puncture-resistant material
Qty per Carton: 2 sacs
Size: 12" Dia x 72" Long
Stored: 12" x 14" x 5"
Weight: 15 lbs per box of 2
Re-usable closer included