Maasdam Pow’r Pull ¾-Ton Rope Puller – 100 Ft. Rope A100

Linemen love these for service drops. The Pow’r Puller allows for unlimited rope length, just pull this slack rope through and use the ratchet handle to sag as needed. Please note: Not Insulated. Rated for ¾ ton and designed to be used with ½” 3-strand poly Dacron® rope, the Pow’r Puller can be handy in lots of applications. To begin ratcheting, feed the rope over the sheave until there’s enough friction to allow the sheave to grip the rope. Because the rope feeds over and out of the hoist and doesn’t spool, you can ratchet this total length of the rope. Model A-100 includes the hoist and 100’ of ½” poly Dacron® rope with snap on one end. Weight: 14.31 lbs.

Ratchet the full length of the rope
¾ Ton capacity
Includes 100’ of ½” Rope
Made In USA