Buckingham Fall Arrest Double Snap Lanyard 8VV114S1

(2) Double Locking Snap Metal Dee Ring Harnesses: The Buckingham fixed length 6 foot lanyard is designed for attachment to body harnesses with metal dee rings. Constructed with the Buck Yard technology, the weight of the arresting material is distributed across the length of the lanyard. This lanyard features (2) double locking snaps. Buckingham deceleration lanyards reduce the impact force of a 220 pound steel mass to less than 700 pounds in a 6 foot free fall. By contrast the same test, the arrest force of a rope lanyard is in the area of 2400 pounds and 2800 pounds for a web lanyard. Shock absorbing lanyards are not intended for work positioning, suspension or retrieval. When 600 pounds of force is exerted, the Buckingham shock absorbing lanyard starts to expend an additional 3-1/2 feet before arresting the fall. Lanyards that have been partially activated should not be used.
Buckyard Instructions