Hastings Transformer and Capacitor Tester

Utilized to test the condition of transformers and capacitors before placing them into service
Test new transformers and capacitors, plus trouble shoot in-service units
Provides operating personnel a safe and reliable method to verify that transformers or capacitors are not shorted or open prior to energizing
Detects failures in equipment before loading and transporting to the job site
Eliminates the blowing of cutout fuses to determine the condition of equipment
Magnetized back allows hands to be free to install and remove cables and clips. Light weight. Has push button test feature prior to applying it to equipment. Four bright LED lights signal the condition of the equipment being tested.
Tester can be used to verify that secondary services are not shorted
Can be used to -40 degrees C
Housing is weatherproof, high-impact resistant plastic
Includes: Tester, 9v battery, and carrying case