Hastings Phase-Tell III Wireless Phasing Meter 6722

The Phase-Tell III is a battery powered, two-piece wireless phasing tool
Used to determine phase relationships on three phase power systems, overhead and URD applications. When contact is made with line voltage or elbow test points, the Phase-Tell III units compare transmitted data and then display the results via Red or Green LED lights and differentiated audible signals. Flashing green lights indicate In-Phase. Flashing red lights indicate Out-of-Phase.
Wireless units communicate up to three hundred feet apart
Both units are identical, no need to identify transmitter or receiver
Voltage range from URD test points to 500KV
Both units confirm the same phase readings
Rugged extruded aluminum enclosure
Each unit operates on two “AA” batteries, included
FCC Compliant
Automatic test cycle when placed in the “On” position
Auto Shut-Off
Includes carrying case and instructions
URD bushing adapters and case available