Bucksqueeze 90" Transmission 484T

The BuckSqueeze system is designed to provide line personnel fall protection on wood poles from the ground, to the elevated work position, and back to the ground. The BuckSqueeze requires the user to hitchhike up and down the pole utilizing the cross over strap and the paddle tensioner. If the user starts to fall, the strap squeezes the pole, securing the user and preventing a fall. While climbing over obstructions, the user would secure a lanyard prior to removing the BuckSqueeze. The BuckSqueeze is easy to adjust to accommodate the size of the pole. The Buck Tooth (Model 485) is an accessory that can be added when climbing iced poles for added security in the event of a cut out.
Model 484T is for transmission poles up to 90" in circumference.
Weight: 6 lbs
Bucksqueeze Wood Pole Fall Protection Instructions