Buckingham 6'6" Neoprene Nylon Pole Safety Strap 386699E

Positioning straps, commonly referred to as pole straps or safety straps, are one part of a work positioning system designed to provide the user the ability to work and have free use of both hands. The positioning strap is not intended to be used as a fall protection device unless the user secures their strap above a cross arm, lattice tower, etc. limiting the fall distance to less than two feet. There are three basic types of material used to manufacture a pole strap: 6-ply neoprene impregnated nylon, leather with a nylon center, and woven nylon.
An easy-to-use snap hook designed to operate like a non-locker. The hinge point location makes the user operate the 99E locking snap hook as they did their non-locking snap hook. The lock mechanisms are internal therefore less likely to malfunction or be tampered with. This snap offers the widest opening to ease attachment and detachment with the gloved hand.
Made in USA