Buckingham Cinch Pads With Angled Metal Insert 3502C

Probably the most popular climber pad on the market. The Buckingham 3502C and sometimes called a cushion wrap pad, is a 4” wide top pad designed for Buckingham’s steel and titanium climbers. Constructed with full grain leather and reinforced with nylon for strength, these pads are strong and reliable. The inner cushion is covered with soft brushed leather for all day comfort on the pole. This model includes a metal cinch loop for the 4” strap to loop through and cinch back for a snug fit.  A full 4” width of hook and loop fabric secures this pad. The 3502C has an angled metal insert that cups the front of your shin and positions the climber shank toward the back of the leg.  This creates a greater angle to pitch the gaff toward the pole.  This is particularly help when climbing with wood pole fall protection devices where your climbing position is more upright. Sold in pairs

Angled metal insert
4” cushion wrap hook and loop
Fits Buckingham steel and titanium climbers
Cinch loop for snug fit
Made in USA