Buckingham BuckGuard™ Retractable Gaff Guard (Set of 2)

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Every lineman has experienced the frustration of losing a gaff guard or two.  Missing gaff guards mean holes in your drag bag and gaffs that are less than sharp enough.  Not to mention the hazard of cutting yourself.  Overall, it’s an unsafe situation.  In the past, losing a gaff guard was inevitable, but Buckingham has released a retractable gaff guard that attaches to your climber sleeve. This lightweight attachment is low-profile so you will not notice it while climbing. The gaff guard attachment point is a hook gate, so it is secure while travelling.  With the BuckGuard TM Retractable Gaff Guards you can keep your gaff guards securely, magnetically in place until you are ready to climb, then remove them.  They will retract into place until you need them again.
The retractable wire is vinyl coated steel and it holds up well to wear and tear that linemen will undoubtedly put it through. However, it features a split ring that allows for easy replacement.  They are compatible with any manufacturer and type of climbers (pole or tree gaffs).
Buckingham Mfg. is the leader in innovation because they listen to linemen, identify their pain points, and develop ways to solve those pain points.  This is exactly what they have done with the BuckGuard TM Retractable Gaff Guards.


Max Retractable Length: 22”
Weight: 2.4 oz (pair)
Length: 5 ½”
Width: 1 ½”
Attachment Type: Magnetic/Hook Gate
Compatible with all manufacturers for Pole and Tree
Set of 2
Made in the USA