BUCKLITE™ Titanium Pole Climbers With Pads

The BuckLite™ Titanium Black climber kit comes with blacked out hook and loop pads with a hint of BuckVis Safety Green™. Weighing in at only 17 ounces, Buckingham’s BuckLite™ Titanium Climbers with Patented GRiP Technology™ bring the best of strength, lightweight functionality, and comfort together in a climber that cannot be found elsewhere on the market.

GRiP Technology™ keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole and promotes ease of climbing.
BUCKLITE™ Titanium POLE Climbers are rated to 350 lbs. and exceeds ASTM F887 standards.
This Buckingham wrap pad features an angled steel insert and cushion through which the climbers are inserted to prevent the climber shank from chafing the leg.
The soft padding on the inside provides comfort for all-day use while the metal insert provides stability.
Foot straps and High-vis green magnetic gaff guards included.

BuckLite Climber Brochure

Climber Instructions

Climber Sleeve Instructions

Pole Climber Maintenance

Gaff Guard Instructions